The Solution

Website Development and Design

in2being had previously built their website in Squarespace but was experiencing a limit to search engine optimization growth and development capabilities. Metric Biotech’s developers moved in2being’s website to WordPress, allowing for a better user experience.

Our team of website designers also refreshed their website with an eye-catching design that simplified their offerings to the casual browser.

Many biotech companies that in2being works with are in the early stages of business development, and we needed to establish in2being as the industry expert to help manage manufacturing and regulatory processes. We added a short “About Us” section to their homepage to highlight their expertise front and center for their audience.

in2being Website Designs

Content Management for Medical Device Development

As part of our content plan, our expert biotech copywriters wrote an SEO-friendly page about in2being’s unique process to make them feel approachable to prospective clients and to position them as an expert partner. Then, we started refreshing the rest of their site to engage readers.

SEO Optimization of Existing Content

Once in2being had a user-friendly website ready for SEO updates, Metric’s biotech SEO and content teams went to work. We optimized their existing pages for search engine optimization and in-depth research into what keywords in2being’s competitors were ranking for in Google Search. Then, we looked at their content and ensured that they used key search terms that were relevant to their offerings and that potential customers used to find them.

in2being's Our Process on a Computer Monitor

Content Writing and Management

In2being had already done some incredible work by the time they began working with Metric Biotech. Because of these results, we were able to compile case studies to showcase their success with clients. Our writers specialize in writing for a science-focused audience, and they crafted short, digestible pieces on Blood Alcohol Testing, Microfluidic Diagnostics, Premium Cell Handling, and more.

As part of their client education, in2being hosted weekly webinars. Metric added those webinars to their website to increase user experience and search engine optimization. This enabled potential customers to easily access the information and highlighted upcoming webinars. We also wrote summaries for each recorded webinar to improve their organic traffic.

Metric continues to deliver expert-informed content marketing to in2being with press releases and blog posts to increase organic traffic.

MedTech Crossroads Webinar Invite

Organic and Paid Social Media Optimization

Metric has worked with in2being on increasing organic growth to their LinkedIn account and optimizing their YouTube channel with educational content. We also ran paid search campaigns to attract more customers.

Weekly Webinar Announcement

The Results

Increased Awareness and Leads

As a result of working with Metric Biotech, in2being has seen steady, consistent growth in website traffic which has impacted overall leads and sales.

  • In 2021, their website had a 32% increase in overall sessions YoY, and they saw an 82% increase in leads.
  •  In 2022, their organic website sessions nearly doubled (up 98%)!  In just the last six months of 2023, the total clicks on their website have increased by 30% (compared to the previous period).

In addition, we’ve gradually increased the number of keywords used on their site, improving their organic search results. These results underscore the power of expert design and web development.

Click Count Graph for in2being

We’re Not Stopping Here

Metric continues working with in2being to increase organic traffic, leads, and sales. We have a thorough content and SEO strategy mapped out for the future and look forward to seeing their customer engagement increase as a result.

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