What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization has been critical for companies that provide businesses or services worldwide since roughly 2003. That was the year Google had its first major algorithm update, and marketers everywhere got up to speed.

So, what does SEO actually mean? SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for search and involves having digital content that is keyword-rich, relevant, and either consistently new or updated. In other words, SEO ensures that you appear when your target audience searches for you online.

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Increase Visibility With Effective SEO Services for Biotech

SEO is important for most companies on the internet. But SEO is especially critical for companies in the biotech space for two primary reasons. First, these companies are often new themselves or bring a new product or service to market, and people need to be able to find them online.

Second, biotech provides products and services that affect people’s daily lives. Building credibility with high-quality content helps your buyers trust you, which might be why they choose you over a competitor.

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Choose From Well-Rounded SEO Services to Smash Your Goals

Search engine optimization has many nuances, and you may already have some pieces of it figured out. Metric Biotech offers completely customizable SEO packages. Take a look!

Local SEO Services
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Local SEO Services

When a healthcare provider or R&D decision maker types in a product or service they’re looking for, they often hit the “near me” tag at the end of their search. Local SEO ensures you get website traffic from prospective customers in your community.

SEO Content Services
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SEO Content Services

Our science writers and editors produce content that fits your brand’s tone, your audience’s interest, and incorporates top-performing keywords. They can write blog posts, white papers, and your website’s copy—all focused on helping your website appear higher on search results and meeting your audience’s needs.

Website SEO
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Website SEO

We review the SEO structure of your current website and offer updates and monitoring. If you’re rebranding or launching for the first time, our developers will build your site with SEO top of mind so you can outrank your competitors

Keyword Research
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Keyword Research

Keywords are what you type into Google’s search bar when you’re looking for something. Our SEO experts have the tools to look at what terms prospective audiences are typing into web browsers, so you’ll appear in search results. We then include those search terms in the copy of your website.

Competitive Analysis
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Competitive Analysis

As an SEO service provider, we analyze your competitor’s sites to ensure your content and keywords make your site appear competitively in search results.

On-Page SEO Optimization
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On-Page SEO Optimization

Title tags, URLs, and internal links are the tiny details that make a big difference in SEO. Optimizing these help increase your “domain authority” and ultimately makes your site easier to find.

Questions About SEO

There are numerous details to SEO, and you may have some questions. And we have the answers!

How do I know SEO is worth the investment?

Consumers are using the web to research and purchase biotech products to fit their needs. Optimizing your site for your audience results in long-term engagement, repeat site visits, and product sales. They can’t buy it if they can’t find you.

How long does it take to see digital marketing results?

That depends on what the project is. During your meetings with the Metric Biotech team, we’ll give you estimates on when you can expect to see certain results. Establishing good SEO takes time and often it takes three to four months for an SEO-friendly piece of content to start performing.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get on the first page of Google?

No, but we will do everything we can to boost your visibility! We think those companies who offer “guaranteed first ranking” packages are slimy since SEO is part skill and part waiting. We have a proven track record of helping you rank higher.

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