Persona Development and Marketing Strategy

Nanotein’s first product was life-changing, not only for their business but also for the lives of cancer patients. Their NanoSpark STEM-T Soluble T Cell Activator is an enormous discovery in cancer cell treatment. Their NanoSpark Activator takes T-cells out of the body, activates them, and then returns them to the bloodstream, where they have a heightened ability to fight cancer.

The main target audience they wanted to reach consisted of private research institutions and medical researchers who could incorporate the NanoSpark T Cell Activator into their workflow to conduct further testing and validate its effectiveness. They started searching for a marketing partner to join them in the process and teamed up with Metric in September 2022.

Scientist in a Lab Coat Holding a Vial of Blood

“We have a very specific target audience in a highly specialized scientific field. I didn’t want just any old marketing company with fancy Photoshop work and catchy slogans. I needed a team that understood the excess support a scientifically-educated/trained startup founder would need in an area well outside his expertise. I really lucked in!”

Curtis Hodge, PhD
CoFounder & CEO

Metric sat down with the subject matter experts on Nanotein’s team and asked them specific questions:

  • What’s the background of potential buyers?
  • What are buyers’ motivations, primary problems, and objections?
  • What is the elevator pitch you give potential buyers?

Using this insight, we developed a plan that included an eCommerce store, LinkedIn advertising, a HubSpot CRM implementation, and an ongoing content plan.

Nanotein Store Website on a Laptop

E-Commerce Store and LinkedIn Advertising

Metric built a clean, simple e-commerce site with WooCommerce and integrated it into Nanotein’s main site. This e-commerce landing page presents the main elements of the T Cell Activator and allows customers to purchase via the shopping cart. The site also has contact information easily accessible for anyone with more questions before purchasing.

Once the site was built out, Metric ran a paid LinkedIn advertising campaign to drive additional traffic to the product page. The campaign was targeted at researchers and buyers doing cancer research. The additional traffic coming to the site is helping it rank higher in Google searches and allows Nanotein to build a target audience within LinkedIn to market their next product. Metric Biotech also managed social posts, email announcements, and paid Google Search advertising, as part of the product launch.

NanoSpark Ad

HubSpot CRM and Long-term Content Strategy

As many biotech professionals know, one of the big parts of the job is presenting and attending industry-specific conferences. Nanotein had been doing this but needed to streamline gathering contact information and categorizing leads.

As a HubSpot Certified Gold Partner, Metric was perfectly positioned to help get a CRM off the ground for Nanotein. We integrated the information they had already gathered, allowing Nanotein to segment their audiences based on region, job title, and more. This allowed them to create a comprehensive content strategy tailored to the needs of each customer group over an extended period.,

Now that Nanotein is set up with an e-commerce site, driving traffic to it, and integrating leads into their CRM, they are ready to take the next step with content. Metric Biotech’s team of science writers and editors familiar with cancer treatment research are writing well-informed, SEO-optimized blog posts, white papers, and newsletters to inform their target audience of the research and news coming for the T Cell Activator kit and for future products.

Various Nanotein Articles Published Online

The Results

Increased Traffic and Robust Plan for Future Product Launches

Since working with Metric, Nanotein has doubled their clicks from search engine results, and we’re just getting started. As we continue creating SEO-focused content and expand Nanotein’s CRM contacts, they will have a solid marketing strategy and audience ready for future product launches. At the same time, they continue to see sales growth for their T Cell Activator Kit.

Graph Results for Increased Online traffic

“Metric has an awesome team that genuinely cares about our success and the quality of their work with us. They have displayed this on multiple occasions in multiple ways. I don’t feel like they’re a contracted company, but instead a comfortable high-performing extension of my own team. 

One attribute that I really love is that they are always happy to teach you anything you want to know about how they’re doing their work. Nothing’s hidden. They’ll rapidly identify what’s working and what’s not, and have no qualms about doing what’s needed to get the right results. They listen, they learn, and they work with us to achieve our goals. Not only are they fully capable with marketing, but they provide full digital support for setting up our CRM system, online store, and they continue to work hard with us on our customer acquisition efforts. They’re super responsive, and are fun to work with.”

Curtis Hodge, PhD
CoFounder & CEO

Headshot of Curtis Hodge, PhD

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