The Problem
Cutting-Edge Products Sold From a Primitive Website

Phoreus struggled with a problem common to many early-stage biotech companies—incongruity. For a business with advanced technology changing the biotech industry, Phoreus’ basic website was not adequately communicating their progressive capabilities. Phoreus also needed to promote additional technology offerings and improve communication of their partnerships with academic institutions, researchers, and other companies beyond sales from their e-commerce store.

Phoreus Old Website on a Computer Monitor

Metric-Powered Solution
Modern Website Development and Redesign

Team Metric Biotech infused life into the Phoreus website with updated designs, an improved user experience, and lead generation and conversion strategies. Researchers strictly interested in purchasing Phoreus products, plus those interested in partnering with Phoreus can now easily find tailored information, with multiple opportunities to convert or contact the team.

Revamped Phoreus Website on a Computer Monitor

What Did We Do?

Phoreus Research in an Open Book

The Evolution of Phoreus’ Website With Company Growth

In the early days of our engagement with Phoreus, their marketing requirements were straightforward—they needed a simple website to facilitate their sale. As the company grew, in products and capabilities, the original website became a strong foundation for later development.

The latest website redesign results:

  • Reorganized layout and website structure, following SEO best practices for greater brand visibility
  • Enhanced conversion strategies for efficiency in client acquisition
  • Improved communication of partnership and technology capabilities
  • Modernized website redesign for improved brand positioning
  • Updated E-commerce shop reflecting new product technologies

Evolving Phoreus’ Brand
to Match Their Innovative Products

Throughout the website’s evolution, we created greater synchrony between the Phoreus brand and their innovative products. These improvements in branding will help Phoreus build trust with new potential customers and research partners alike. As the company keeps growing, the Phoreus team consistently invests in more Metric services. We look forward to witnessing the ongoing evolution of the company.

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