From Concept to Creation

Graphic design encompasses the visual elements of your brand. The images, colors, fonts, and designs you choose for your website landing page underscore how you want to represent your company.

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Why Do Biotech Companies Need Innovative Graphic Design?

As a biotech company, strong graphic design is particularly relevant to you because you’re launching something new. You want it to sound authoritative (this is where content marketing comes in) and look appealing to your target audience. Competitive companies in any industry constantly compare each other’s branding to ascertain what consumers respond to.

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Stand Out in the Biotech Industry With Our Custom Design Services

As with all Metric Biotech’s services, you choose what you need. If you currently have a well-designed website and logo, you may need printed product slides or decks to present to shareholders and customers. Take a look at what we offer.

Brand Development
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Brand Development

Whether you’re just getting started or going through a rebrand, Metric Biotech’s designers are well-versed in creating a company style guide that matches your brand’s personality, resonates with your audience, and serves as a design roadmap for future projects.

Website and Digital Design
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Website and Digital Design

Our designers work closely with our website development team to develop tailor-made WordPress websites for creating or revamping existing ones. Our goal with websites is to increase your SEO, drive sales, and guide your customers down your marketing funnel. They are easy on the eyes, too!

Trade Show Deliverables
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Trade Show Deliverables

Whether it’s a poster, handout, or your booth backdrop, Metric Biotech’s graphic designers will make your biotech trade show deliverables memorable and help you capture valuable leads

Print Graphic Design
Scientific Illustrations
Scientific Illustrations Icons

Scientific Illustrations

Showcasing the processes of complex biotech systems can be challenging when you’re only using words and photos. Our designers will make custom illustrations that you can use for your website, print out in a brochure, or use in a demo.

Slide and Presentation Decks
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Slide and Presentation Decks

For many biotech founders, talking about their products is the easy part. Putting together a presentation for a potential client or investor is more complicated. Save time, and let Metric Biotech build a custom deck template that you can easily adjust to suit your needs.

Graphic Design Frequently Asked Questions

What types of graphic design are important for biotech companies?

All the graphic design options above are useful for biotech companies. Metric Biotech builds a custom package for you, so you can choose what types of graphic design are most necessary for your business.

When should my biotech company invest in graphic design?

You can work with a graphic designer at any point in your journey, but if you start earlier, you can create brand guidelines to develop all your materials from the beginning—helping you spend less time revising pieces you’ve already created.

Will funding impact my graphic design goals?

No! Metric Biotech works with companies in all phases with their design needs. We scale with your growth. Our biotech design team will craft each item based on your goals, budget, and intentions.

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