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Your customers are already using the internet to shop and research. In addition to optimizing your website for SEO, paid advertising campaigns can increase your sales and generate long-term leads. Digital advertising allows you to target your specific audience without them actively searching for you.

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How Digital Advertising Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re launching a new product or trying to increase sales, digital advertising allows you to target your ideal audience to drive traffic to your website and convert to high-paying leads. Many biotech companies use digital marketing to boost sales and discoverability.

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Results-Driven Advertising
Services for Biotech

At Metric Biotech, we prioritize our clients’ needs, including your budget. Our focus is to figure out as quickly as possible what works for you, and then allocate your budget to those channels. Digital advertising encompasses many platforms and strategies, but here are a few services that are particularly fruitful for biotech companies.

Search Advertising
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Search Advertising

Search advertising works in coordination with strong SEO to serve the links in search that are most relevant for browsers. These campaigns are beneficial when you have a close competitor in life sciences that is outranking you in the top search results.

Social Media Advertising
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Social Media Advertising

When launching a new product or biotech business, you want to generate awareness of your brand and offerings. Whether you want to target customers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok, Metric’s social strategists can help define which audiences and platforms are the best fit for paid ads and create engaging copy and assets (photos, videos, illustrations, etc.).

Remarketing Advertising
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Remarketing Advertising

When you have contacts already engaged via a mailing list, website visits, or trade show connections, you can build them into segments and retarget them via social or paid search advertising. Think of this as a polite follow-up: “Hey, we see you’re curious about medical devices. Want to know more?”

Programmatic Advertising
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Programmatic Advertising

Certain media companies, TV channels, or websites might also serve the target audience you’re trying to reach. Programmatic advertising includes Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top Advertising (OTT). It helps you get your product and brand in front of those users in a bold, striking manner.

Digital Advertising for Biotech FAQs

Does Metric Biotech help take over and manage existing ad campaigns?

Yes, and we continually optimize them to fit your budget and goals.

What if I don’t know which platforms my audience uses?

Your Metric Biotech strategist will identify which platforms make the most sense for your customers based on their behavior and market analysis and create a targeting strategy.

How do you integrate digital advertising with other marketing campaigns?

Digital advertising is just one aspect of broader marketing strategies for product launches, brand awareness, competitor campaigns, and more. We can integrate paid ads where they make sense to meet your goals for specific campaigns.

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