Biotech Web Development Made Simple

Web design is the way your website looks. Biotech website designers present the best colors, fonts, and graphic elements that will best elevate your brand. Web development is how your website works. Metric’s biotech developers have expert knowledge of building out web code to ensure your site is optimized for user experience.

Both web design and web development go hand-in-hand for an optimized website that’s easy for your audience to navigate and results in product sales.

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Attract Attention With a Stunning Website

Establishing yourself as a trustworthy expert online is about what your site says and looks like. Many competitive biotech companies work with web design and development experts as part of their branding process. A user-friendly and visually attractive website can increase the chances of potential customers interacting more with your content—and those browsers becoming qualified leads for future sales.

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Scalable Biotech Web Development: Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you need to refresh your existing website, optimize it for user experience, or build a brand new one, Metric Biotech’s designers and developers can create a custom web development package for you.

Website Hosting
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Website Hosting

Buying website hosting is like renting space on the internet. Metric Biotech’s team can advise on the best website hosting platforms and help you set up a new site.

Ecommerce for Biotech
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Ecommerce for Biotech

Manage your product and service sales with an integrated store with specific product pages. An easy-to-use online store helps you easily manage your product and will elevate your sales.

Back-End & Front-End Development
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Back-End & Front-End Development

Our developers build the user side of your development by writing custom code in HTML, CSS, or Javascript that makes your site easy to access. We also do backend website development, ensuring your code is current, your internal links are working, and you have the best plugins installed. Our developers also offer website training to help you independently manage any specific aspects you desire.

Scientific Blog Development
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Scientific Blog Development

We recommend keeping an updated blog on your site to increase search rankings and establish your company as an industry expert. By using the appropriate platforms, such as WordPress, you can build posts to autofill, starting with the most recent post, and have them displayed as pop-ups or in the sidebar on different relevant pages on your site.

Web Design Services
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Web Design Services

Get user experience designers (UX) for your biotech site! Our designers know how to make something that looks appealing AND is optimized for consumer use.

ADA Compliance Services
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ADA Compliance Services

Your website must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. This includes writing caption copy for photos, having spoken elements of your website, and more. A biotech website specialist helps you optimize for all users.

Continuous Support
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Continuous Support

With all Metric Biotech services, you get ongoing support in the areas you need most. Our developers can teach you the ropes to maintaining your site and fix problems as they arise or we’ll handle it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website to hire Metric Biotech?

No! We can build and design your website from the start.

Will Metric Biotech help me migrate an existing site?

Yes. We’re experts at migrating sites into WordPress, a platform primed for user experience and SEO optimization. Although we prefer WordPress, we have experience with other website platforms and will be happy to explore other options.

Can Metric Biotech help with biotech ecommerce?

Yes, we’re experts at building engaging product pages and making them easily searchable online. We can also help with the backend of your store, customer questions, and more.

How is web design different for biotech websites?

Biotech websites need to appear authoritative and up-to-date, and often, include an optimized online store. After all, most of your products and services significantly impact people’s lives, and you’re showcasing groundbreaking, exciting research.

What CMS does Metric Biotech work with for website development?

Our biotech developers work with any CMS. We’re experts at WordPress and have extensive experience with Shopify and others.

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