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The purpose of CRMs is to store and update customer data so that you can track engagement and segment your audiences to reach them effectively. CRMs are designed to scale with your business, growing your customer base and giving you deeper insight into customer behavior the longer they engage with you.

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CRM Management Will Transform Your Biotech Company

Many small businesses start with simple email lists to do focused outreach to potential customers. With a CRM, you can reach out to those customers and track their actions as a result of your outreach. A CRM’s streamlined setup creates an ongoing relationship that is ultimately more useful to both you and the customer.

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From Lead Management to Sales Funnel: Comprehensive CRM Services

Biotech companies often have several unique audiences they’re trying to reach. Tracking what those customers are engaging with (or not) is key to turning site visitors into long-term customers. CRM optimization helps you move potential customers along the sales funnel, from awareness to purchase, and personalize those outreach points.

As a Gold-certified HubSpot partner and experienced in working with other CRM tools like Salesforce, Metric Biotech is well-equipped to assist you. Reach out to us today and find out how we can help your business grow.

CRM Optimization
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CRM Optimization

CRMs hold a lot of data. Metric Biotech can optimize your existing CRM to audit your data, refine your contacts into segments for long-term targeting, integrate your calendars, and much more to streamline your workflows.

Automation Management
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Whether it’s automatically taking someone off your list when they hit “unsubscribe” or assigning qualified leads to your sales team, Metric can build automations into your CRM to save you time.

Sales Enablement
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Sales Enablement

Managing the inbound leads in your CRM can be very time-consuming. A robust CRM allows you to automate this process and add personalized messaging to your incoming customers.

Email Management
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Email Management

Schedule key emails about new services or products and see how contacts engage with them. If someone didn’t click on the “buy” button in an email but did sign up for a webinar, you can track that contact’s action and then strategize the next best step to keep them engaged.

Lead Funnel Strategy
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Lead Funnel Strategy

Biotech companies have to grow quickly, and keeping track of customers throughout the sales process can be challenging. With a CRM manager, you can keep track of users as they move from casual browsers to paying customers.

CRM Frequently Asked Questions

Does Metric Biotech offer ongoing support of a CRM tool?

Yes, Metric can be your partner as long as you need us, and you can choose which services you need help managing.

Does a CRM tool help sales?

CRMs are built for sales and marketing teams to coordinate and build the best possible customer journey for your unique products.

Can Metric Biotech offer CRM support that scales with my business?

Yes, at your initial meeting with Metric Biotech, we’ll discuss your business goals and integrate those into your CRM support. A CRM tool will always grow with your company as you increase leads and hire new employees.

Do you help with CRM migration?

We love getting into the details of making the best customer and sales experience, including migrating your existing CRM into a new one.

Are you a HubSpot-certified partner?

Metric Biotech is a HubSpot Certified Gold Partner, which means we’ve demonstrated expert knowledge in performance, customer success, and knowledge. We also work with other CRMs, such as Salesforce.

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